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Why Work with a Design/Build Firm?

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are much more complex than renovations of other rooms in the home. There are many variables to consider when planning such an upgrade. Among them:

  • Your current layout
  • Your unique style
  • Your family’s lifestyle
  • Your home’s architecture and overall design
  • Material choices, from tile to flooring to countertops
  • Sustainable design and energy and water use considerations
  • Appliance, cabinetry, sink and fixture choices
  • Building code compliance for plumbing, electrical or gas

With so many factors to consider, an experienced designer can be of immeasurable assistance in helping you weigh your options and make decisions. We offer you special knowledge of the unique needs of these rooms. We keep up with the latest styles and trends in appliances, sinks, countertops, cabinets, lighting, fixtures to save you a lot of homework and legwork. With our guiding hand, you can get the space you imagine on time and on budget.

Getting the Most for Your Budget

Perhaps what a trained kitchen and bath designer does best is ensure that, when all the dust settles, you are utterly delighted with the outcome. Choosing the right colors, textures, material types, finishes and layout can be far less daunting with the help of an experienced designer. Since a new kitchen or bathroom adds real value to your home, for resale and for everyday living, having a designer shepherd you through the process can be a wise investment indeed.