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Our Process

Why do our customers choose to work with us? Because our professional, simple, reliable, and straightforward process ends with a beautiful new kitchen or wall unit with quality products that will last!

Step One: Let’s Talk

Simply contact us to schedule a consultation and meet us at our showroom. Are you working with a contractor or designer who has already drafted plans? Great! Let’s get started!

If you already have an idea in mind, we’re ready to discuss it with you!

You don’t have to have ideas yet…let our showroom floor and sales team do the work for you.

Step Two: Let’s View Options

We will discuss the types of wood we use for our products as well as the benefits of using particular materials for your project. Using our computer-generated designs, we can help you visualize your project.

When it comes to getting the most for the money you have to spend, experts like the National Kitchen and Bath Association suggest:

“Be candid about your budget requirements. Quality cabinets, appliances and floor coverings come in a variety of price ranges. A kitchen or bath makeover can be done for any reasonable budget. With so many cost-saving trade-offs available your desired outcome can usually be achieved.”

Step Three: Let’s Estimate

From the array of options you’re interested in, we will provide estimates for your budget.

Step Four: Let’s Travel!

Measure twice, cut once. We don’t rely on others’ measurements for your project. We insist on coming to your home to take accurate measurements to make sure we build for the right space.

Step Five: Let’s Build

We’ll go back to our plant to create the cabinetry for your project. When the products are ready, we’ll come back to your home to quickly yet properly install the cabinetry with very little disturbance to your home and family.